iCloud Remove Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t waste your success rate on cheap iCloud Remove service.

Service Reply Sample:

What is iCloud Remove Services?

This service will remove iCloud ID actived on this phone. After remove iCloud, you can active phone by new iCloud ID like brand new deivce and it’s permanent service with 100% guarantee.

iPhone, iPad, iPod, Lost/stolen supported?

Yes, support all Apple devices.

How long does services take?

1-10 days (after status change to “Processing”). Almost order done in 1-3 days.

Do you charge for “Unsuccessful” order?

No. If it not success, you can request refund full money Or may be re-submit order. Some time it work.

What is your success rate?

– iCloud Removing Service with IMEI & iCloud info the deviced locked to: 50%-70%
– iCloud Removing Service with IMEI & Screenshot of the phone screen: 30%-50%

What is “Fresh”?

If you submit your order somewhere else, some other service and it not success, then your IMEI become non-Fresh and reduce success rate.
That not make your order fail, but success rate for that kind of phone very low. Have many people come to us after fail somewhere, because other have better price.

There are big different between fresh & non-fresh